Personal Financial Coaching

 If you choose to work with me, here is what to expect.   I’ll want to know:

  • What you have - your assets (real estate, education, property, money; current and future values, inheritance) including things you don’t know are assets
  • What you owe - your debts (education, real estate or auto loans, credit card balances, payment plans – current and future values) and how to lessen their impact
  • What you are earning - your current and future income (social security, IRA distributions, pension payments, inheritance) and how you can increase it
  • What you are paying - your expenses (mortgage, rent, condo fees, utilities, food, clothing, etc.) and how to understand them in a new light

 Additionally, we may talk about purchases you are planning or large expenses you are planning.

 The sooner you create a plan, the sooner you can see the benefits

A collaboration usually require 2-5 hours of your time in meetings with me, after an initial free consultation. Then we will schedule annual or semi-annual reviews to follow-up on the progress of your accounts.

Services available include:

  • My summary of your financial situation (your fixed and liquid assets and liabilities)
  • Financial advice tailored to your needs (buying vs. renting or leasing, college funding, how and where to invest)
  • Forecasting of your income and assets based on spending needs & return on investment
  • Simple action plan, written by me, for you to follow