To me, financial wellness means being aware of your resources, making the best of them, given your values, and checking in annually to review your choices. It is important to know where you are and where you want to be, financially. While you may have considered other consultants, I know I can help you plot out an achievable path for your success. My skills, honed over decades in financial management, tutoring and training, can make creating a plan easier.

Your financial picture

Photo Credit: B Shepherd

Photo Credit: B Shepherd

is probably better than you think it is. 

Sharing details about your financial life is difficult. Acknowledging that you need an action plan is the first step toward making your life more stress free and more in your control. I understand that. I can help you.


What's next

Photo Credit:  B  Shepherd

Photo Credit: B Shepherd

Let’s begin a conversation that will illuminate your financial picture, foster wise decisions and support you over time. 

I offer

Photo Credit: B Shepherd

Photo Credit: B Shepherd

Free initial consultations, where you get to know me and decide if you are comfortable sharing your financial information.

Easy to follow suggestions and explanations.

Help establishing timetables for achieving goals. 

Fee only consultations and coaching – means you only pay for my advice and not for investing

Sliding fee scale available

Consulting time is billed at $125.00 an hour, in half-hour increments